BASW Social Work Reclaimed Conference

Transforming Social Work and Social Care in the 21st Century

14th December • London, UK

Seen as an example of excellence by Eileen Munro’s recent Review of Child Protection, ‘Reclaiming Social Work’ is one of the most discussed models of practice in recent history.

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Organised by the British Association of Social Workers (BASW), this conference will explore this model in detail, with much to learn not only for children’s services but any organisations involved in the helping professions.

Speakers will include the co-founders of the model, Steve Goodman and Isabelle Trowler, as well as social work professor David Shemmings, author of the recent JKP book, Understanding Disorganized Attachment.

JKP is pleased to announce that all conference delegates will receive a copy of Goodman and Trowler’s new book, Social Work Reclaimed, which sets out what the Reclaiming Social Work model is, how it was implemented, and how it works.

Conference and Registration info »

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