The London 2012 Olympic Games have officially kicked off, and many JKP London staff have tickets for events and some have even been involved in the opening ceremonies and proceedings!

Caroline Walton (left) on her way to the stadium before the show

Caroline Walton, JKP’s commissioning editor in bereavement, youthwork and allied areas of social care participated as one of the NHS nurses in Friday’s spectacular opening ceremony. Here are some words from her on the experience:

“I was extremely lucky to be part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday 27th July. I was in the section that showcased the NHS, dressed up as an old-fashioned nurse. The whole experience was amazing – rehearsals started in April, and despite spending many hours outside in the rain, were always fun. Spending so much time in the stadium was such a privilege, and I’ve met many new people from all over the world. The show itself was incredible – it felt amazing being inside the stadium and performing with thousands of other volunteers from all walks of life. Coming out of the stadium after the show and seeing the athletes lining up for the athletes’ parade was a great surprise – particularly seeing Usain Bolt! I’ve been looking forward to the Olympics in London since we won the bid and I’m so glad I was part of it – it’s an experience I will never forget.”

Caroline (right) with her sister and members of the 'Pandemonium' section
Caroline (centre) with the choreographers Sunanda Biswas and Temujin Gill

Jess Sawyers, from Accounts, took part in the ‘All The Bells’ event to celebrate the start of the Olympic Games. It involved ringing a bell for three minutes starting at 8.12 in the morning on Friday 27 July. Jess was ringing the tower bells at her local church in Henlow, Bedfordshire, with other bell ringers from this tower. The photo shows the band of ringers afterwards.

Jess Sawyers (left) and bell ringers in Henlow, Bedfordshire

The weekend was full of exciting sporting events, and Marketing Executive Claudine Harris attended the Women’s Road Race on Sunday. The event was full of cheerful supporters and onlookers from around the world as Lizzie Armitstead gained Team GB’s first medal, coming second to Marianne Vos of the Netherlands.

Lisa Clark, commissioning editor in the fields of arts therapies, autism and special education saw the afternoon session of Ladies Hockey at the Riverside Stadium in the Olympic Park. Despite some thundery downpours the event was still well turned-out, with the final results being China 4 – Korea 0 and Argentina 7 – South Africa 1. Here are some of her photos:

The main gate at the Olympic Park
Argentina score!
China go for goal

Many other members of JKP London staff have tickets for events such as taekwondo, beach volleyball, tennis and gymnastics. It is very exciting to see athletes and spectators from all around the world on the Tube and in the city, experiencing all that London has to offer this (slightly rainy) British summer!

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