Finding Employment with Asperger’s-Interview with JKP author Barbara Bissonnette

JKP author Barbara Bissonnette (The Complete Guide to Getting a Job for People with Asperger’s Syndrome: Find the Right Career and Get Hired) gives tips about navigating the job search for individual’s with AS in a new article featured in the
Metro New York
by Bruce Walsh:

What’s the difference between writing a career book for a person with Asperger’s syndrome as opposed to a neurotypical reader?

There’s a lot more explicit detail in some areas. For example, most books would take certain aspects of the process for granted: How you introduce yourself to the interviewer, making eye contact and smiling. It’s important to discuss the details — casual exchanges of pleasantries. People with Asperger’s usually struggle with that, so I try to prepare them for those moments in the job search. ”

To read the full article, click here: Navigating the job search with Asperger’s syndrome.

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