Letters to the Home Front the latest book from John Clements is a supportive guide for the  parents and carers of those on the spectrum. Written as a series of inspiring letters, it looks at a number of issues from the parents’ poiClements_Letters-to-the_978-1-84905-332-7_colourjpg-webnt of view and examines how the parenting agenda changes over time. The opening section of Letters to the Home Front features three letters written by young people on the spectrum to their parents. The letters recount key aspects of their childhood and their relationships with their parents growing up. This book proves that letters home needn’t always be negative – they can encourage and support us too!

Read Dean’s letter here

John Clements is the author of ‘Letters to the Home Front, Positive Thoughts and Ideas for Parents Bringing Up Children with Developmental Disabilities, Particularly those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder’ published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


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