Dr Rosalind Bergemann receives IC Consultant award from Charlie Thomas,National Partnerships Manager,HiscoxRosalind Bergemann author of the forthcoming title An Asperger Leader’s Guide to Living and Leading Change has been named ‘Consultant of the Year’ in the CMI National Management and Leadership Awards.

The annual Chartered Management Institute awards celebrate the achievements and expertise of the UK’s best leaders, managers and management teams. Rosalind, who was nominated in two categories this year was over the moon to be recognised as ‘Consultant of the Year’ but was also quite open about her ulterior motive,  she’s hoping that her recognition will help to bring about a change in attitude towards people with physical and intellectual disabilities in business.

In her response to the award, Rosalind commented, “I am confident that being selected for this [award] will help to play a role in helping to dissipate the stigma involved with Asperger syndrome in the workplace, and the myth that people with Asperger syndrome – or indeed any developmental disorder or disability – cannot be successful business leaders or managers.”

After spending many years working as a management consultant,  in 2010 Rosalind established Asperger Leaders, a company that provides mentorship and development opportunities to people with Asperger’s aiming to take up leadership positions. Asperger Leaders also provide advice and support to companies from the unique perspective of their staff who all have a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome or autism spectrum disorder. Their aim to is to improve working conditions for people with autism spectrum conditions and other related conditions by providing support and training for managers and business leaders. Bergemann_Asperger-Leader_978-1-84905-471-3_colourjpg-web

In her forthcoming book An Asperger Leader’s Guide to Living and Leading Change Rosalind offers advice to people in management positions on how to embrace change in the workplace. Change can often be a struggle for people with Asperger syndrome and this can be magnified when it becomes part of their professional role as a manager or business leader. This book offers a combination of theory and practical tips to help those who find change particularly difficult to overcome these challenges and use their unique talents and skills to lead change in the workplace.

Rosalind Bergemann is the author of An Asperger Leader’s Guide to Living and Leading Change (2013) published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.




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