Click here to read the opening chapter of Kathy Hoopmann’s incredible new teaching manual.

“If every primary/elementary school teacher read this book, the lives of all young people who have Asperger Syndrome would be significantly improved. They would at last feel that the teacher understands them and thus feel so much happier, more relaxed and better able to achieve academic and social success” – Professor Tony Attwood (author of The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome)

Professionals and teachers are raving about this exciting new resource that is rewriting the rulebook on how to teach children with an ASD. Kathy Hoopmann’s new book is the answer for time-poor teachers that need to know how to approach the teaching of a child with an autism spectrum disorder quickly and comprehensively.

You can find out more and purchase a copy of The Essential Manual for Asperger Syndrome (ASD) in the Classroom at the Jessica Kingsley Publishers website by clicking the link below:


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    1. Hello Patricia.

      We think that this new book is a brilliant way for all teachers to learn more about how to approach children with an autism spectrum disorder. We think that the more teachers that know about this book and read it the better. Tell the school about this book – let them know that books like this one exist that can help their teachers get the best out of your son and thousands of other children with an ASD.

    1. Yes, but if you don’t know how to, there are some books out there that could help; there’s also a super one by Peter Vermeulen (I can’t remember whether it is a JKP book) with the title: I am special.
      you could also go to the FB page Ask Me, I’m autistic, and autistic adults will help you through the process of telling him and how…

    2. Hello Patricia

      We have a number of books in the JKP catalogue if you wanted to talk about autism with your son.

      My Autism Book:
      A Child’s Guide to their Autism Spectrum Diagnosis
      Glòria Durà-Vilà and Tamar Levi

      Can I tell you about Autism?
      A guide for friends, family and professionals
      Jude Welton

      What Is It Like to Be Me?
      A Book About a Boy with Asperger’s Syndrome
      Alenka Klemenc

    1. Hello ramona

      Thank you for your interest in this title.
      We are currently looking for a good quality Spanish publisher – so nothing is confirmed yet.

  1. I run a support group for families who have family members on the spectrum my son is HFA AS. … My mission is to make AS known to all schools is this book available in the UK? As my group would be interested in ordering 10copies to hand out to our local.schools

  2. Hi there having trouble with my sons school he has asd he is only 4 Nearly 5 and there refuse to help him I have tried every thing down to reporting the school which nothing has been done about my son is struggling and nothing is happing

  3. My copy due to be delivered today, the first chapter is awesome. Adult with autism, mum to Two ASD kids. A much needed book.

  4. i just wanted to say how glad and appreciative I am of people who write these books with such helpful information. I have a son on the spectrum, and I wish that by now we had so much more support and understanding of these kids. Growing up in a world of confusion is bad enough, mix that up with not being believed is too much for kids to handles….I get worked up when people think that my son can do the things that other kids can do, he looks normal, but he has so many things that he can’t do compared to other boys his age. Oh how I long for the day when there’s equality on this earth. JKP thanks for publishing on the topic of ASD, I for one am eternally greatful.

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