music-therapy-children-special-needsHow can rhythm and musicality help therapists be in sync with children with special needs who find communication and depth challenging?

What is rhythm for these children? And for their therapists?

In this extract from Rhythms of Relating in Children’s TherapiesFrom Cocoon to Butterfly: Music Therapy with an adopted girl, Dr Cochavit Elefant takes us into her two and a half years journey of music therapy with little Noa, showing us how through musical and verbal interplay they could go from distance to closeness and from chaos to self-control.

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“Noa was two and a half years old when I first met her: a beautiful, lively girl with long dark hair and wide open brown eyes. She was brought to music therapy by her adopted mother with the complaint that Noa was hitting, biting and pushing children at her nursery school.” continue reading

In Rhythms of Relating in Children’s Therapies, Stuart Daniel and Colwyn Trevarthen invite each contributor to have fun exploring their own interpretation of this title and to share their particular ways to phase in-sync with vulnerable children and create rhythms of connection.

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  1. Afternoon Jessica

    Hope you are well..
    I have been interested in Music & Art Threapies for many years now.. I’m a qualified Painter and Decorator, for over twenty years and in between that I have done a Diploma of Visual Arts at Bairnsdale TAFE also a Bach. of Contemporary Arts at Deakin University in Burwood Vic.. from there I have done a Cert 4 in Training & Assessment..

    I have been envolved with music for 30 years playing & recording in bands, playing guitar and drums .. I teach Guitar and Art at certain times of the year..
    I would love to get involved .. to be honest actually starting a full time job being involved with Art and Music therapies..

    What training is needed
    How do you get jobs within this field

    Sorry to bother you
    If it is hard to reply I understand
    No worries at all
    No pressure

    Thanks again
    Mark Ockwell

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