Whether they’re already out and proud, at the start of their transition, or simply interested in learning more about trans and non-binary life, these powerful and engaging books would make the perfect festive gift.

Trans Power
Juno Roche

In this radical and emotionally raw book, Juno pushes the boundaries of trans representation by redefining ‘trans’ as an identity with its own power and strength, that goes beyond the gender binary. Featuring interviews with trans icons like Kate Bornstein, Travis Alabanza and Glamrou.
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Life Isn’t Binary
Meg-John Barker & Alex Iantaffi

Much of society’s thinking operates in a highly rigid and binary manner; something is good or bad, right or wrong, a success or a failure, and so on. Challenging this limited way of thinking, this ground-breaking book looks at how non-binary methods of thought can be applied to all aspects of life, and offer new and greater ways of understanding ourselves and how we relate to others.
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Eris Young

This is the one-stop introduction to non-binary and genderqueer identities.
Eris Young explores what it’s like to live outside of the gender binary and how it can impact on one’s relationships, sense of identity, use of language and more.
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Not Just a Tomboy
Caspar Baldwin

This is the story of one trans man’s exploration of gender identity, set against changing cultural attitudes from the 90s to the present day.
With its unflinching portrayal of the vulnerability, confusion, dysphoria, empowerment, peace and joy that are all part of the transition process, this book provides an invaluable support for trans men and is a memoir that breaks the mould.
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Trans Love
Freiya Benson

A ground-breaking anthology of writing on the topic of love, written by trans and non-binary people who share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of love in all its guises. The collection spans familial, romantic, spiritual and self-love as well as friendships and ally love, to provide a broad and honest understanding of how trans people navigate love and relationships, and what love means to them.
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