Yvy DeLuca

Yvy DeLuca is a Trans Advocate, writer, blogger and author of ‘Tainted Beauty – The Memoir of an Authentic Creation’. With lots of writing experience and as one of the four judges of our new Writing Prize, she has some brilliant tips on getting down to writing and how to find inspiration.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

Don’t force it! More often than not, what’s blocking you is your desire to write something incredible, but that’s not always going to happen. Write what’s on your mind regardless of whether you think it’s good or not. You can always go back and revisit what you’ve written and it’ll get those juices flowing to fine tune your work and even get some new ideas!

Could you describe your own writing process? What motivates you?

I am a recluse when it comes to writing, which is difficult when living with a husband and two cats! What motivates me is anything I find inspiring. I’m very inspired by classical music and Italian art culture. I love to sit alone with my computer, light some candles and listen to Italian opera as I write. It takes my mind to a completely different place of creativity. 

What books have inspired you or helped you through a difficult time in your life?

I recently read ‘Brave’ by Rose McGowan and was blown away by her honesty and courage to write about such important issues on fighting against a dangerous network that can silence voices. She inspired me to let my voice by heard as an Indian trans woman… I have a lot to say!

What kinds of experiences would you love to read about in the submissions?

I would love to read a submission that is truly honest and from the heart. Don’t think that you need to use fancy words or have a degree to write. If you have something to say or a story to tell, tell it your way. 

What makes a story come alive for you?

Honesty. Being completely open and honest, regardless of what anybody thinks, is what brings a story alive for me.

Could you share any words of advice for writers at the start of their writing journey?

Don’t worry about what other people are doing or how successful they are compared to you. You create your own lane and go at your own pace. If someone else has already got a published piece, or been recognised in some way, remember that you too have your own lane and focus on your art. If you shift your focus onto what other writers are doing, you’ll lose focus on what’s most important which is you.

Feeling inspired? You can enter our Writing Prize here:

Find out more about Yvy by visiting her website: www.yvyworld.com

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