ADHD is our Superpower has been described as “An uplifting, easy-to-read, fun and engaging book for young children who may be struggling to understand and accept their ADHD diagnosis” by Siena Castellon, author of The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide, and as “a brilliant and important book to build self-esteem and confidence in children with ADHD” by Michelle Beckett, Founder of ADHD Action.

adhd superpower

Too often Soli was asked by families “How do I explain ADHD to my child or to their siblings?” There was nothing really suitable to suggest – so Soli decided to write her own book!

Soli Lazarus is a former primary school teacher with 30 years experience culminating her career as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at a large school in London.

Her adult son has ADHD so she knows what it is like to live with chaos, fun and spontaneity!

Each chapter of the book focusses on a different child who experiences some of the common traits and difficulties associated with ADHD, such as inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, social difficulties and sensory sensitivities.

It is written from the child’s perspective and focuses on how they feel about their day-to-day lives.

“I get bored quickly. If I am not really interested in the thing I am doing, I get distracted and feel restless. I lose focus. So if things are fun and engaging, I can concentrate more.”.

Focussing on the positives, each chapter highlights how having ADHD can indeed be an amazing superpower.

“ADHD is my superpower because when I focus I can get a lot done”.

In each chapter, there are suggestions what the adults can do to help. Plus there is a juicy bonus for more in-depth support and help.

“Grown ups can help me by using words or pictures to let me know that I am going to be doing something different”.

adhd superpower

The aim of this book is to empower children who have suspected or diagnosed ADHD. If they understand what ADHD is and what they need from the grown ups, then their lives could be vastly different.

Too often our young people with ADHD have low self-esteem as they feel blamed, shamed and in the wrong.

Change expectations, attitudes and put simple things in place to help, and this can make a massive difference to a little person’s life.

ADHD is Our Superpower is available at or wherever you buy books, from 21st May 2021.

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