In 2012, Rhyannon Styles began her gender transition, and attended her first 12-Step meeting – beginning two journeys which changed the course of her life.

Using her personal narrative as a springboard for exploring addiction, recovery and LGBTQ+ mental health, Rhyannon writes with searing honesty about the complexity of her experiences. The book spans a range of addictions including alcohol, food, sex and relationships, the internet and narcotics, and highlights the ways in which addiction and the transition process can overlap.

In this extract from the book, Rhyannon explores how despite giving up alcohol, she continued to follow the same behavioural patterns as when she was drinking – she was essentially ‘dry drunk.’ She channelled her feelings of anxiety and unease into other activities, until a huge obsession with collecting lava lamps finally made her realise that things had to change.

Read the chapter ‘Dry Drunk’ here.

‘Help! I’m Addicted’ by Rhyannon Styles is out now.

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