In this blogpost we’re happy to share the chapter LaTonya with a Capital T from LaTonya Summers’ powerful memoir Black Again.

LaTonya was only six years old the first time she unconsciously tried to be “more white”. Recollecting experiences from her childhood in foster care through to her life today as an Assistant Professor and mother, LaTonya examines how her perception of self was affected by internalized racism and led her to adopt white norms – influencing everything from her music and clothing choices to her speech and values. Join LaTonya in her journey of realization – how all those years assimilating, stretching and pressing for whiteness harmed her, and how, in a world that sees her as Black, it’s about time she did too.

A photograph of author LaTonya Summers

♥️ Click here to read the extract

Black Again by LaTonya Summers is available as an audiobook, eBook, or paperback.

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