Autism April – new books showcase!

Autism Awareness Month

For us at JKP, Autism awareness and acceptance are not just buzzwords we roll out once a year, but a core part of our values and mission as a company. As we enter World Autism Awareness Month this April, we’re using the opportunity to amplify our authors’ voices and celebrate the incredible books which have contributed to the autism community this past year.

So, read on as we roundup the best new books for parents navigating the journey of raising autistic children, highlight essential reads for educators striving to create inclusive classrooms, and explore own-voices memoirs that improve representation for autistic people in the media.

We’d love to take this moment to congratulate and thank our amazing community of writers, illustrators and readers. What a pleasure and privilege it is to work with and publish you all – Happy AAM!

New for Parents

Where Do I Start?

I loved how much is covered in this beautifully written and carefully researched book for parents of autistic children, packed full of warmth, wisdom, and real hope. It’s a must-read for families everywhere.
– Yvonne Newbold MBE

PDA in the Family

“Steph’s personal account of parenting her daughter is a triumph. This honest, reflective and positive book will be both informative and supportive to so many families and professionals.
– Ruth Fidler, Education Consultant

New for Professionals

A Therapist’s Guide to Neurodiversity Affirming Practice with Children and Young People

This is a game changer and potentially equips Clinicians with the understanding they need for this and future generations.
– Dr. Wenn B. Lawson (PhD)
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Autism Missed and Misdiagnosed

“Dr Eaton’s wealth of knowledge and vast experience flows through this book which is full of excellent clinical insights and very valuable lessons learned along the way over her two decades of rich and varied clinical practice.”
– Dr Gloria Dura-Vila, Consultant Psychiatrist 

New for Teens

My Autism Journal

“This is going to be a hugely important resource to so many autistic people with key advice and spaces for reflection.”
– Charli Clement, autistic advocate & author 

So, I’m Autistic

An invaluable guide for the newly diagnosed or the curious. Using a strengths-led, evidence-informed approach, Sarah provides a clear roadmap for navigating autistic life.”
– Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Expert

New for Adults

Looking After your Autistic Self

“This is a truly fantastic book full of ideas and strategies delivered in an entirely autistic way. It’s so logical, you will wonder why you didn’t think of it before. Brilliant.”
– Sarah Hendrickx

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“Thumbsucker is a deeply moving and powerful book about what life can be like for children who don’t quite fit inside society’s rigid boxes.”
– Caro Giles, author of Twelve Moons

New for Children

I am an Autistic Girl

By simply, clearly and positively explaining the social differences associated with young autistic girls aged 5-11, this book will help them to understand their diagnosis, recognise their unique strengths and celebrate their differences, and find ways of coping with difficulties.

The Awesome Autistic Guides

Travel with Min and learn together how being autistic is something to be proud of. It’s who we are. We never need to apologize or copy others. Be proud!
– Dr. Wenn B. Lawson (PhD)

New Top Sellers

Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition

A deeply important book. Informative, comforting and, frankly, revolutionary. Sarah has done a remarkable job helping autistic women understand themselves in a world that rarely includes them…a classic for a reason.
– Marian Schembari, author of A Little Less Broken

Autistic and Black

Reading Kala’s book felt like sitting with friends, who are invited – finally – to share their personal experiences of being autistic. ‘Autistic and Black’ is a wonderful read.
– Neurodiversity Society at the University of Oxford

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