Christina Cacioppo Bertsch and Susan Yellin

On Tuesday, the Yellin Center for Student Success hosted a book launch for JKP authors Susan Yellin and Christina Cacioppo Bertsch to celebrate the release of their outstanding new book, Life after High School: A Guide for Students with Disabilities and Their Families.

The event, which took place at the Yellin Center’s lovely New York City office, was very well attended by professional colleagues and family members alike.

Susan and Christina signed dozens of newly-minted copies of Life After High School, which has already received glowing reviews in both Library Journal (starred review) and ForeWord Magazine.

Benjamin and Susan Yellin

The highlight of the evening was the surprise arrival of Susan’s son, Benjamin, who has complex learning and medical issues and whom Susan calls the inspiration behind Life after High School.

Susan Yellin is an attorney and head of the Advocacy and Transition team at the Yellin Center for Student Success, which provides educational evaluations and support for students of all ages. She is also founder of The Center for Learning Differences, a New York-based nonprofit organization that runs an annual Life After High School program for students with disabilities.

Christina Cacioppo Bertsch is the former Director of Disability Services for Fordham University in New York and the founder of CCB Educational Consulting Corp. where she helps to identify supportive college settings and assists students with standardized test and post-secondary accommodations, applications, interview preparation, and self-advocacy training.

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