Kay Al-Ghani explains how a fun resource based on her book The Red Beast can help children with Asperger Syndrome to control their anger.

As part of my job, it is my privilege to work with many children with ASD who work hard to cope with life in a mainstream setting. Sometimes their best efforts are thwarted because of an inability to control their temper. The idea for a ‘Red Beast thermometer’ came from a wonderful Special Ed teacher, called Rose.  Rose emailed, all the way from the USA, to see if it was possible for Haitham (Al-Ghani, illustrator of Kay’s books) to produce a set of pictures of the Red Beast in his various stages of growth. Haitham was happy to do this and Rose produced many wonderful visuals, one of which was the thermometer. Haitham adapted Rose’s prototype to produce this downloadable resource. I have tested it in many schools and it has been a resounding success.

This Red beastis James, with his brilliant INA, Dan. They are relaxing in James’ ‘safe place’. James is a big fan of Super Mario. Whenever he feels angry he retires to this place to practice some Red Beast calming techniques, and he is now able to regulate his temper and express how he feels, by grading Super Mario on this thermometer.

I think you will agree it was a Super Mario of an idea. Thank you, Rose!


You can download your own copy of the Red Beast thermometer here along with some ideas for classroom activities.

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