Adkins-Larkey_Practical-Mathe_978-1-84905-400-3_colourjpg-webWould you like to review one of our newest books? Enter today to get a free copy of Practical Mathematics for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Developmental Delays by Jo Adkins and Sue Larkey?

Practical Mathematics provides a set of simple, hands-on strategies and tools for teaching key mathematics concepts to children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. With an emphasis on the importance of incorporating a child’s special interest into learning Adkins and Larkey strive to make maths fun for all children on the spectrum. Topics covered include colours, shapes, categories, numerals, sequencing, addition and subtraction and using money, and the book includes worksheets and activities for incorporating mathematics into daily living skills.

We have 5 copies to give away to anyone interested in writing an online or offline review.

If you’re interested add a comment to this post saying why you want to review this book.

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49 Thoughts

  1. my so n enjoys maths and we use it all the time to explain ordainary daily functions and action. He would love this book and we could use it together

  2. I would love to have the chance to get some more ideas for teaching maths with meaning to my kids. I’d be more than happy to share my findings – all the way from New Zealand!

  3. This is such good timing for us as we are currently having to home ed our daughter with Asperger’s PDA and an anxiety disorder she really struggles with maths and any help to stop her getting further behind and help her confidence would be marvellous.

  4. Sorry forgot to say I often review books for our local ASD support group and have a degree in psychology so hope I would make a good reviewer. Thanks for considering me.

  5. I would like to review this book. My son has autism and we are just starting to work with the school to help him develop his math so this book would be a really useful tool and I could then report back as to how effective the strategies are.

  6. I would like to reveiw this book because a have a son that has aspergers. He strugles with math problems I think it would very beneifical for him .

  7. I would like to review this book as I am the mother of a son with autism and studying childcare.

  8. I am a Special Education teacher and a certified math teacher at a very small school in Oklahoma. I would very much like to read this book and write an review. I work with students of all ages and disabilities from 3 years old to 12th grade. I am always looking for new ways of teaching math concept

    thank you

  9. My son is 6 years old on the spectrum and will be going into the first grade next year. I would love to work with him over the summer on his math skills. He continues to get speech and OT out at the hospital, we read together all the time. It would be cool to also have something to help him with his math too. Thank You.

  10. As a maths teacher and a mother of a child who has autism, I feel this book would be worth reading. I also feel that my experience and insight would make me very eligible to make a valid judgement.

  11. I work with young children with special needs. For the last three years I have been working with a now 6 year old with ASD. He is highly functioning, but struggles with comprehension especially in maths although he definitly understands mathematical concepts. I have been looking into the special maths programme for children with downs syndrome but your book seems to be far more relevant and directed. I would LOVE a free copy of this book to help this (and other) young man progress to his optimum capabilities. I would be more than prepared to write a review of this book. Thanks.

  12. I am a child advocate for children with ASD. I work directly with school districts to help find solutions to IEP and other educational issues. There are so many Special Ed providers that imply on’t get HOW to teach these children, including my own Autistic son. I think this book would be a great resource to have and look forward to an opportunity to receive and review this book.

  13. Hi I would love to review this book because I am a teacher and have children with aspergers and autism as well developmental delays. I went to a Sue Larkey workshop and loved it! I already have several of her books and they are great!

  14. Hi there…I would love to review this book because I would love to be able to help others with an honest answer, and at the same it would help me to help my ASD children with their biggest struggle…MATHS…! oh and because I love books.

  15. My son does really well in school except he barely passes math this could help him get better grades and feel much more confident all round.

  16. I teach at a residential school for students with developmental disabilities. I would love to review this book and try the material out with my students. I imagine it would be a wonderful resource for my fellow teachers and myself.

  17. I have a son with aspergers, I am a Title I teacher. I would use it to help students that I work with.

  18. I teach math to children on the spectrum. They are al in the regular classroom. I just work on teaching them the math skills to do their work.

  19. Im a senco of a school and believe some of my children would benefit from your strategies and staff would learn new skills

  20. I would be so grateful to receive this book and would be happy to review it from my personal experience of it. I have two children on the spectrum one who is able and talented in maths and the other who finds maths difficult so I could look at it from both aspects. We have tried maths books before with little success so it would be amazing to find something that works! Thanks so much x

  21. Hi I am a mom to a 12 yr old aspie – Grd 6 – he battles with Maths
    and he needs to grasp concepts in order to practice and build on
    maths. He wants to study in a technical field and Maths is a pre-requisite.
    Thank you for considering me.
    Michelle Coppoolse Somerset West South Africa

  22. I am homeschooling my 2 boys with Asperger’s Syndrome and would like to experience you’re product first hand. I have been looking for a way to supplement their math program, especially where money is concerned, in order to ensure a safe and more independent transition to adulthood. I think starting early is the key. My sons are 11 and 9 years old and I am an experienced writer. I would be pleased to write a review for you. Thank you!

  23. I work with special needs children in a treatment center and meet regularly with teachers in other special programs and treatment centers. We work with a very diverse population of children and are constantly discussing the importance of making learning meaningful, practical and hands on. I would love to incorporate this book into my program and share it with my colleagues and provide a review. Thanks!

  24. I advocate for families with children with special needs in special education. My own daughter was always labeled as having no number sense through educational and neuropsychological testing and was years behind her peers throughout most of her education years. Through private testing and years of private tutoring she has come up several grades and now tests at grade level understanding of math concepts. I’d like to see how this book can help me explain in an IEP meeting to educators how to do this exact situation for those who can learn if taught properly. Thank you for offering this valuable resource. I would welcome the chance to review and pass on the information in here, and suggest this book to other professionals and to parents of struggling math students.

  25. Thank you for expressing an interest in reviewing Practical Mathematics for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Delays by Jo Adkins and Sue Larkey. The giveaway is now closed and the reviewers have now been contacted.

    Keep up to date with the blog for future review copy giveaways.

  26. My Angelica needs help. In my opinion she is being written off in her class because she is not a favorite. She is not in spec. class because the school does offer this. She is behind and struggles very much to “stay on top of everything” and function like everyone else. Don’t want to excuse her, but want to have her addressed knowing that she struggles in this and MATH. Please help her. 5th grader going into 6th, needing the “right” nudge.

  27. Yes I would love the opportunity to review this book I support over 30 pupils in a mainstream school on the ASD spectrum , usually take math from a variety of math books , thanks Thelma ( ASD co or donator / teacher , Claddagh ns )

  28. Hi, Mary from Sydney here1 I would greatly appreciate the chance to review this book and hopefully apply some of it’s great tools. warmest regards

  29. Both my sons are dyslexic and they both struggle with Maths. I would so dearly appreciate every bit of help I could get as I am at my wits end at times and we do not get a lot of support from the school. Thank you so much!

  30. my 3 year old son is obsessed with maths and possibly has savant syndrome. I need to find ways to help him understand other areas of maths and not just numbers and number patterns

  31. Thank you for expressing an interest in reviewing Practical Mathematics for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Delays by Jo Adkins and Sue Larkey. The giveaway is now closed and the reviewers have now been contacted.

    Keep up to date with the blog for future review copy giveaways.

  32. Hi, my son has been diagnosed with a significant learning disability and have been told he has autisum. He is 8, nearly 9 years old now. He really struggles to learn, his teacher also says he has dyslexia. Sadly this isn’t all that Callum struggles with, he also has epilepsy and a rare kidney disease called alports syndrome, in which his kidneys will fail and he will loose his hearing in due course. This book would be a great help for us to try and make his life just a little easier than it is now. We are stuck on which way/how to help him get the basics of learning mathematics and all other ways to learn. Much appreciated that you took the time to read. Nicola.

  33. Hi, my son Callum is nearly 9yrs old he has special needs. He’s been diagnosed with a significant learning disability, he also has autisum, he struggles at school, he’s 4years delayed, can’t read and has a hard time with mathematics. He sadly has dyslexia, epilepsy and a rare kidney disease called alports syndrome. In which his kidneys will fail and he will loose his hearing in due time. This book may just help a little in his life and maybe make a big difference. I would like to review your book and see if it will help my son. We would be very grateful. Many thanks Nicola.

  34. I would love to review this book with my autistic daughter (who turns 6 in 4 days!!!)
    Math is her biggest struggle, because the school doesn’t support her. Is love to integrate it into our home teaching I do to supplement! I think it would be a great integrational tool for our family!

  35. Working daily with kids with asd and trying to help them do maths I feel it would be an invaluable resource

  36. I would love the opportunity to review this book. My son who was diagnosed with ASD late (12) and has fallen behind in this subject, and subsequently struggles with maths, among others. Many thanks for your consideration.

  37. I have a son that is developing fast now that he is 22 and out of school! I am looking for a math teaching aid to help capture the opportunity for this time of growth! He could not sit still all those years before because of pain, but that is getting resolved and now he is ready to learn!

  38. I would like to review this book ado have two daughters with d.d and a big interest in the subject .

  39. I would really love to know how to get a copy of this book and or where I can purchase it online. I would love a copy for my son who is ASD and really really struggles with mathematics each and everyday! I want to purchase this copy so that I can introduce it at his school, and hope that they too will open up to the routine of using it to teach my son what he needs to know and easier ways to do it! Thanks!

  40. I am homeschooling my 8 year old Autistic son and would like to have all the info I can get

  41. Would love to have a copy of the book since I work with children with autism spectrum disorder. It sure is a book for keeps. If at any time there are giveaways would like to be considered for it ,thanks

  42. I run a Maths Learning Centre and have a couple of students with Aspergers, one in Yr 8 and the other in university. While I don’t claim to be an expert in handling the teaching / learning process most suitable for these individuals, I do know that I am very intuitive with teaching, am passionate about helping children develop a logical problem solving approach & a love for Maths, so that they can have fun while exploring the subject. Hence I’m always in search of learning better ways to improve the pedagogy of Maths & for tools that can help this process. I’m hoping your book can give me some new insights to help these students whose parents have entrusted me with their children’s Maths journey.

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