Visual Supports for Visual Thinkers is an essential resource of easy-to-use ideas for mainstream and special education teachers. Packed with simple, effective tools to assist in the education of students, the book can be adapted to be used with young children and older learners with a Rogers_Visual-Supports_978-1-84905-945-9_colourjpg-webrange of educational needs, including nonverbal learners.

‘Mini-maps’ help students with autism spectrum disorders organize big chunks of the day into smaller more manageable parts to promote understanding and encourage predictability of upcoming activities.

Why mini-maps are effective:

  • Task analysis is one of the teaching techniques included in ABA.
  • Task analysis is a process by which a task is broken down into its essential or component parts.
  • Students with autism and other special needs benefit from a task analysis in order to complete tasks that seem unclear or overwhelming.
  • Breaking a task down into smaller chunks visually, incorporating interests and breaks incrementally, works to inform and motivate the student toward the desired outcome.
  • Mini-maps support student understanding and promote independence.

Mini-maps can be created to support any part of a student’s day, in the classroom and at home, including specific tasks and daily transitions. Each map includes photographs of the steps in the sequence to help the student visualize and clarify the process. The student’s interests are incorporated to increase motivation and decrease stress.

This resource is designed to be accessible to all and can be used by teachers, professionals and parents.

Download sample mini-maps here

Visual Supports for Visual Thinkers: Practical Ideas for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Special Educational Needs by Lisa Rogers is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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