Vermeulen_I-am-Special-A_978-1-84905-266-5_colourjpg-webI am Special by Peter Vermeulen is a workbook designed to help children and adults with autism spectrum disorders understand their diagnosis, gain confidence and thrive.

The programme is  made up of a series of specially designed worksheets included on an accompanying CD. The worksheets cover a wide range of topics including how the brain works, physical characteristics and likes and dislikes. These worksheets can be used to build up a unique and personal book about the individual on the autism spectrum to help foster self understanding and build confidence.

This Character worksheet taken from the CD is designed to help children and young adults recognise the facial expressions shown in the table and select the faces/characters that they most identify with. A great activity to help children reflect and think about their emotions, this worksheet can be used in class or at home with parents.

Download the Character worksheet now

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