Boyd_Parenting-a-Tee_978-1-84905-282-5_colourjpg-webOur catalogue of New books on Autism Spectrum Conditions will be available very soon. It will be full of information on new and bestselling titles for parents and professionals encountering autism spectrum disorders. Including visual learning workbooks, ABA resources and CBT programmes. The catalogue also has a comprehensive listing of books for individuals on the spectrum including children’s fiction, fun activity books and resources for adults on topics including employment, relationships and mindfulness practice.

The catalogue features plenty of information on excellent new books such as Parenting a Teen or Young Adult with Asperger Syndrome(Autism Spectrum Disorder) by Brenda Boyd, and Sexuality and Relationship Education for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Davida Hartman. Not to mention new information on the highly anticipated Been There. Done That. Try This! edited by Tony Attwood, Craig Evans and Anita Lesko.

To pre-order your free copy of the catalogue, please sign up to our mailing list and we’ll get one sent out to you as soon as it is available. You may also request multiple copies to share with friends, family, colleagues and clients–simply note how many copies you would like (up to 20) in the ‘any additional comments’ box on the sign-up form.

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  1. My son, now 8 years old, was a perfectly healthy boy. All seemed ok, until last year when he started school. At first all went well and he did well, until his teacher noticed things like rocking motion, when he had to answer some questions. There were other signs as well, so she called me in after one of her colleagues confirmed her suspicions. I was devastated!!! I simply could not believe it! It was bad enough that he have facial palsy, now this? Needless to say, I went home and did some research on autism. The more I read the article, the more the puzzle pieces started to fall in place … Then I saw Aspergers! Yes, please for a FREE COPY. With much appreciation, Mrs Yon.

  2. I am trying to get the free copy of the Parenting a Teen or Young Adult with Asperger Syndrome. Is there something to do…………… I click on the link and nothing happens…………plus I cannot leave my email address, it won’t take it.

  3. how do I know if you received my email correctly, I can hardly see it. I think before I spelled it wrong as I could not read the white letters.

  4. Thanks for all your interest in our new catalogue of books and resources on autism spectrum conditions. We will be sending out copies of our new catalogue featuring many different books to all of those who have completed the sign up form above.

  5. I have an 8 year old asd son , and 2 older non asd daughters , max was diagnosed at 2 , he also suffers from extreme pica , and has hyper sensitivity to certain smells and noises , I love looking at the world through his eyes , I find it quite refreshing , max very rarely has melt downs , I except he will do things in his time when he is ready , I hear what he says , and can see if he is unsettled or uncomfortable , I could happily spend all day everyday with him , max struggles with reading at school , I think maybe reading books that he can relate to would be so much nicer for him , your cats nd dogs pic is so true , max has questioned me over the pigs can fly comment , does make me giggle inside , but so so true x

  6. Thanks for the news. I am living in Vietnam where Asperger syndrome is pretty new for people. I have a 13ylds son who has Asperger and I really want to help him out.

  7. Two aspie teenage sons as well as in the special education field looking to continue my education and knowledge in autism to assist and improve the lives of those living within the spectrum especially my sons !

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