Helen Hingley-Jones is Associate Professor of Social Work at Middlesex University. Clare Parkinson is Clinical Lecturer and Senior Social Worker at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Lucille Allain is Associate Professor and Director of Social Work Programmes at Middlesex University. They have worked together to edit Observation in Health & Social Care

Examining and exploring new approaches to therapeutic observation in health and social care, this multidisciplinary guide discusses and analyses its uses in a range of practical contexts with children, families and adults.

Developing good observation skills is paramount to sustaining relationships in the challenging settings that health and social care professionals find themselves in. This guide shows how observation is taught, applied in practice, and how it will be returned to throughout professionals’ careers.

Drawing on psychoanalytic ideas and theories of human development as a base for professional learning, the experienced editors and authors offer theoretically informed models to teach observation skills in professional programmes, helping their readers prepare for successful intervention in any setting.

Below is the foreword, introduction and list of contents for the book.

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