We’re joined on the podcast by trans activist and writer, Juno Roche – author of the best-selling book Queer Sex.

Known for talking openly and candidly about sex, desire and her own experiences post-transition, she invited us to ask her anything…

Listen to the podcast here.

If you need any more convincing, you should know that we discussed boundaries, the binary, the obsession with trans people’s genitals, transitioning as a teacher, passing, upcycled genitals, Carrie Bradshaw and Big, binary privilege, what not to ask a trans person, ‘transsexuals,’ hierarchies, sexuality post transition, what to expect from bottom surgery, dilation and pump-up dilators, cave diving, being kind to yourself, sexual reawakenings, orgasms, dating dos and don’ts for cis people, respect, the ‘decline’ of women over 40, dating profile bios, looking foxy, learning to walk away, when to tell someone you’re trans and plastic sharks.

You can pick up a copy of Queer Sex here.

And follow Juno on Twitter here. 

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