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As a teacher who worked in integrated classrooms, finding resources for my students always posed a challenge. Specifically, I wanted books that helped me and my students understand and celebrate our differences.

The below list includes of some of our best received books perfect for teachers to add to their personal or classroom library.

1) All Dogs Have ADHD by Kathy Hoopman

Appropriate for kids of all ages, this book makes discussing ADHD approachable and fun! Students enjoy the funny pictures while learning how to be more empathetic with their peers. Hoopman writes similar books dealing with Asperger’s and anxiety, which are highly recommended as well.

2) The Autism Language Launcher by Kate Wilde

This book provides an invaluable resource for any educator as it
does the important work of addressing and unpacking adult’s responses. By focusing on relationship building and positive framing, it helps nonverbal learners take steps to increase their communication.

3) Dyslexia is My Super Power by Margaret Rooke

Written and illustrated in part by kids 8-18 with dyslexia, this book comes packed with tips and tricks for your students. It focuses on school-related topics as well as broader issues like self-confidence. A great book not only for dyslexic students, but for all students to see the beauty in difference.

Bonus: Rooke’s most recent book, found here, provides anecdotal stories of teens around the world who are making a difference. An inspiring collection that shows all kids can impact their communities!

4) The Asperkid’s Secret Book of Social Rules by Jennifer Cook O’Toole

Great for students aged 10-17, this award winning book “written for Aspies by an Aspie” shines light on a lot of confusing social situations. It’s approachable, fun, and relatable.

5) The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods by Robyn Steward

I taught sex-ed and know that this can be a sensitive topic for a lot of students, but that does not make it any less important! This is a thorough, educational book written with everyone in mind and gives special attention to sensory issues autistic people may face.

6) The Autism Discussion Page on Stress, Anxiety, and Meltdownsby Bill Nason

Perfect for teachers, parents, and older students, this book contains proactive strategies on understanding and respecting the processing differences experienced by some autistic individuals. Additionally, it aims to increase understanding and empathy and to provide helpful tips to reduce stressful situations in the future. Bill Nason further addresses anxiety and additional core challenges in his other books.

7) Your Interests, My Interests by Joel Shaul

Shaul’s upcoming book includes interactive guides to help kids on the autism spectrum learn more about building relationships with their peers. Therefore, it is a great addition to an integrated classroom as all children can benefit from learning how to play better together. While this book launches in February 2020, you can find Shaul’s other works here.

8) College on the Autism Spectrum by Laurie Leventhal-Belfer

Set to be released in February 2020, this book is perfect for autistic high school students and their teachers looking to get more understanding about college and all the transitions that come with it. It provides accessible and helpful advice to tackle everything from admission to graduation. Levelthal-Belfer’s other books can be found here.

9) The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide by Siena Castellon

Coming in March 2020, this highly anticipated book provides great advice for young people feeling unsure about themselves. It champions embracing the differences that make us extraordinary and provides helpful advice for teens and tweens to overcome any challenge.

10) The Kid’s Guide to Getting Your Words on Paper by Lauren Brukner

Geared towards kids aged 7-12, this book contains fun and simple ideas to aid kids in writing. Most importantly, it is consistently engaging by avoiding repetitive exercises and embracing out-of-the-box techniques. It arrives in April 2020, but you can place a pre-order anytime or enjoy Brukner’s other works located here.

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