Enriching Our Lives

Below are some brief ideas that might help you to look after your wellbeing during the times that we find ourselves in, whether you have been negatively effected by COVID-19 and/or by what is happening in the United States.

Recommended for sharing by Susan Cousins and taken from her book Overcoming Everyday Racism.

We can all enrich our lives through:

• kinship – co-operation

• updated experiences

• new thinking

• awareness of one’s own suffering

• the value of telling your story and re-telling your story

• being aware of a bigger wider world

• maintaining a presence in every day life and living (mindfulness)

• being proud of overcoming past and hurtful experiences and dealing with the past

• welcoming the future and embracing the new you

• celebrating your own differences and uniqueness

• facing reality and developing clear and balanced views

• learning about your own culture

• co-operation and interdependence

• extended families

• respect for elders who are treated with dignity and revered for their wisdom and knowledge

• greater hospitality and expressions of kindness and support reflected through the sharing of food

• shared political histories, civil rights movements, activist movements

• a focus on commonalties that pull people together and a fostering of things that pull people together

• a focus on the building and maintaining of communities, rather than individual activities

• attending to traditional life that cares little about wealth, status, jobs or possessions

• a belief and practice of spiritual dimensions

• acceptance that race probably does matter

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