Art Psychotherapy and Innovation: New Territories, Techniques and Technologies. Published 21st July 2022 with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

In this wide-ranging and original book Jury and Coles have brought together a diverse collection of international art psychotherapists, some with many years experience in the field, and others relatively new to the profession.  Together they build a picture of the reach of art psychotherapy in challenging environments and with new technologies.  They demonstrate how resourceful art psychotherapists can be in improvising and adapting art making under the pressure of demanding circumstances.  The chapters explore the importance of the physicality of the materials, the portable studio, working in remote places and inhospitable surroundings and with refugees.   They engage with virtual reality and phototherapy and other creative solutions using new technology.   There are chapters on adapting to working on-line during the Covid 19 lockdowns and with the staff of an NHS hospital at the front line during the pandemic.    These engaging stories of clinical encounters are enhanced with illustrations in colour and black and white.  This book is indeed innovative. It will be an inspiration for art psychotherapists, and other health care professionals, indeed all those who take up the challenge to work outside the bounds of the conventional frame. 

Professor Joy Schaverien PhD, Jungian analyst, art psychotherapist and author of Boarding School Syndrome: The Psychological Trauma of the ‘Privileged’ Child (2015) and The Revealing Image: Analytical Art Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice (1999 Jessica Kingsley).

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