‘Trans visibility is a double edged sword’ We asked some of our trans authors what Trans Day of Visibility means to them

March 31st is Trans Day of Visibility. It was born out of recognition that trans people have not always been visible and we have had to fight (and still do) for recognition of their existence. Now in 2023, trans visibility is greater than ever – but it can be a double edged sword. So we asked some of our authors what trans visibility means to them…

Thinking critically about safeguarding young people – Dez Holmes

Work with young people facing harm is an ever-evolving area of work, where the stakes are high and where policy and practice are often developed in response to crisis, leading to reactive and defensive approaches. The book I have edited – Safeguarding Young People: Risk, rights, relationships and resilience – tries to take a step back; to create space for reflection to allow a more aspirational and evidence-informed reframing of the issues.