Autistics, assemble!

Autistic World Domination author Jolene Stockman is excited to empower autistics – and the neurotypicals who love them – with her vision of the world. To listen to this article, click the video below.

Autistics are everywhere. Making all kinds of magic. We are across countries, genders, ages, abilities. We are star employees, award-winning CEOs, we are architects, accountants, zoo-keepers, builders, teachers, poets, we are cutting hair, running businesses, reading books, writing books, breaking records, cutting the crusts off, stimming on the bus with our headphones on… Little by little, one by one, we are living openly as our authentic, joyful autistic selves: We are making the world our own!

I am so over the idea of autism awareness, and half the time? I don’t even care about autism acceptance. What I’d like to see is some autism awe.

Because for every myth and straight-out lie that says what autistics can or should do, there are a heap* of actual, real-life, blood-filled human autistics can-ning and should-ing across the globe.

Now, imagine if we didn’t have to fight the world our whole life to get there?

TL;DR: Share your magic, autistic human! Check out the profiles at

Create and submit your own profile by clicking on the “+ Add Profile” button.

*heap is not an official term for a group of autistics. I suggest the collective noun be an awesomeness of autistics.

Image of cover of Autistic World Domination: a yellow background with a pink banner at the top reading "Jolene Stockman" and a green banner at the bottom reading "how to script your life." The middle is taken up by bold lettering of the title, each word on its own line. The tagline "empowering autistics to create the world they want for themselves" is to the right center of the cover image.

Even after my adult diagnosis, it didn’t occur to me that I was no longer alone. I had spent a huge chunk of my life as the only one of my kind. An alien creature dropped on to a hostile planet, in constant fear of being hurt, or worse, found out. It took way too long for me to realise the truth beyond the diagnosis. And even longer to find the autistic community.

But once I did? Waves of relief. Self-forgiveness. Connection. Knowing that I am not alone is such a boost and validation. Even now, every autistic I meet (online or in-skin) hacks away at my assumptions and dissolves my prejudice. Internalised ableism begone! (Or at least, be fading!) But am I a little bit furious, too? Furious, frustrated, and disappointed at all the time and energy I have lost? I sure am. But you know what would be worse? Losing one minute more. So, I’m taking my privilege and using it to (hopefully, maybe) make a difference. Because now I get to talk about Autistic World Domination, I get to show other autistics step-by-step how to make the world work for them, because navigating the neurotypical world is the least we deserve. 

As specific human creatures, every autistic is different. But what we share is autistic culture, a way of being in, processing, and experiencing the world.

When we connect with each other, we strengthen our sense of self. And that is where the magic happens. Enter: Autistics Assemble.

Here’s what I’m playing with: Profiles of autistics based on strengths, identities, and awesomeness. Not our ‘special gifts’ our ‘human gifts’. And make it cute! I want to share some of the joy, and show my own multiply-divergent kids all the different ways autistics are making the world their own!

You can check out some of the profiles at I’m going to share more (as well as interviews and jewels!) as a way to celebrate  my book coming out. And the best part? Any* autistic who wants to can create and submit their own profile by clicking on the “+ Add Profile” button.

*Any autistic = any autistic. You belong in this community, whether you are:

  • Self-diagnosed or discovered by a doctor.
  • Comfortable sharing your identity or happier keeping it your own.
  • Ruling your world, working towards it, or taking it one day at a time.

Spoiler: Autistic World Domination is out now. You light the way by being exactly who you are.

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