We were delighted to accompany JKP author Christopher Badcock (pictured) to the British Medical Association’s Medical Book Awards on Tuesday night, where his ground-breaking book, The Imprinted Brain: How Genes Set the Balance Between Autism and Psychosis, was nominated in the extremely competitive category of Popular Medicine.

The event was a rather grand affair in the impressive venue of BMA House. One hundred and fifty books were nominated in twenty-one categories so the event was awash with medical professionals and publishers vying for the prestigious awards.

Here is what the BMA reviewer said about book:

Essentially, this is a very new approach to our thinking about the genetic aspects of psychiatric illness and behavioural disorder. I do not know how it will be accepted by people directly involved in the field but to somebody who has worked in modern genetics there are a lot of highly original and interesting concepts in this book which would certainly, at least to my mind, act as a catalyst for further work in the field. Overall, I think this is a very good book and extremely stimulating. […] it is undoubtedly a fascinating read and certainly will stimulate a lot of thought and discussion both inside and outside the field of psychiatry.

Although The Imprinted Brain did not win its category, we are very excited that it was ‘Highly Commended’ – well-deserved recognition of Christopher’s fascinating and very important work in the field of autism.

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