This Spring, JKP author Mary Mountstephen was invited to Singapore and Malaysia to give a presentation based on her book, How to Detect Developmental Delay and What to Do Next: Practical Interventions for Home and School. Here, she talks a bit about her trip.

Twice before I’ve visited Singapore to build relationships with schools and organisations, and to deliver training around early interventions with children with developmental delay.

On my third trip there this Spring, I was was also invited to Kuala Lumpur by a woman called Joyce Moi who is a parent of a child with learning delays, and who has become involved in this field as a result of her daughter. Joyce knew of my work with children in the UK and my articles and book, How to Detect Developmental Delay and What to Do Next. She has close contacts with several schools and, given my success with children who are underachieving, knew that they would be interested in my approach and the Assessment Toolkit I have been developing.

During my stay, we held meetings with parents and schools and I also had the opportunity to assess five children for developmental delay. It was amazing to see how much interest there was in learning about the causes of underachievement and supporting the children in their care. I am grateful to Joyce, her colleagues and the students I worked with for a rewarding experience!

Mary Mountstephen leads a large specialist support centre at a major international independent school, and is an educational and neuro-developmental delay specialist in private practice, as well as being an international consultant to schools and organizations. She has an MA in Special Education and many years’ experience teaching in mainstream, independent and special schools. Mary lives in Glastonbury, UK.

Mary will travel back to Singapore in July to meet with other professionals. Her new website – – will be running from early June 2011.

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