Anthony Peake is a renowned writer and researcher whose work focuses on the nature of consciousness and reality, and mysterious phenomena such as déjà vu.

He is the co-editor, with Mahendra Perera and Karuppiah Jagadheesan, of the forthcoming book, Making Sense of Near-Death Experiences: A Handbook for Clinicians‘ – available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers in November 2011.

In this video, he discusses the phenomenon of the Near Death Experience (NDE); why it is essential that nurses, doctors, palliative care workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and other helping professionals learn how to talk seriously about these experiences in a non-judgemental way; and offers some advice about what clinicians should do when encountering a patient or client who has had an NDE.


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  1. Anthony, we met some years ago at Halton Lea Library during a ‘Paranormal week event’ which you touched on what you are saying now. During your talk regarding ‘Cheating the Ferryman’, publication which you kindly signed a copy for me.
    You are spot on with your theories and research. Throughout my life I have had experiences that are beyond belief and as this world view points out to me again and again. ”I am not normal” but what is normal? and therefore should be feared by the community as a whole. As you note, In my circumstances I have ended up under the care of a psychiatric, lost my job and have been persecuted for my beliefs and understanding which the Authorities say are unfounded and a concern to them to the point I am persecuted.

    I am not mad!!! I am different in the way I think and understand everything around me through the scenes and in different dimension in time and space. Sometimes not being of this worlds view and conforming is a burden, lonely and ultimately can destroy you.

    But I would not change me for anything I am what I am and that was my choice before my birth and the one who came with me and is known to me now.

    Thank you for your understanding



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