1512201_756159947762047_5875117971820476986_o 1965595_756160087762033_2997295454225970851_o 10265466_756163137761728_2208364411812273175_o 10321044_756160161095359_7058164086201458367_oAdele Devine, author of newly released Colour Coding for Learners with Autism celebrated the publication of her book with a rainbow themed book launch alongside the children who inspired her.

The book launch was held at Portesbery School where Adele works as a special education needs teacher and uses colour as a way to help the pupils in her classes.  It was through her research to find new and creative ways to use colour in the classroom that led to the publication of her book. Adele says, “one of my appraisal targets the year before last was to investigate colour code. Erm, I just took it a bit far!”

The book and accompanying CD of printable resources are specially designed to help motivate children on the autism spectrum who are often highly visual learners. Colour coding can help to signify clear patterns of thought or activity, making it easier for young people to quickly draw on previous experiences. This can create a sense of order, reduce anxiety and help children build on their communication, organisation skills. Adele is keen that the resource also helps children engage with education, “in the long term, I hope improving visual supports at home and school will enable more young people with autism to enjoy education.”

With colourful illustrations and resources, Colour Coding for Learners with Autism is an effective, must-have teaching tool for anyone involved in the education of young people with autism.

Colour Coding for Learners with Autism is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.



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