Claire Bien, Associate Director of Communications at The Connection, Inc. and trained facilitator at the Hearing Voices Network, shares her thoughts and a few fun snapshots from the launch party for her new book, Hearing Voices, Living Fully: Living with the Voices in My Head.

Bien 1“So grateful for all the friends, colleagues, and former colleagues who attended the wonderful book party hosted by the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH) on Tuesday, June 28. A former colleague whom I haven’t seen in person for 20 years came thanks to the wonder of Facebook!

Special thanks to Professor Michael Rowe, co-director of PRCH, for organizing and emceeing the event; to Professor Larry Davidson, director of PRCH; forBien 3 speaking as well as for writing the beautiful Foreword to the book; to Dr. Selby Jacobs, former Director of the Connecticut Mental Health Center, for being my first and most important reader/mentor/friend; and to Howie Horvath for playing his guitar as people were gathering. I was thrilled that so many members of my family attended. Nearly 100 people were present and we sold all 51 books we had on hand!”

Hearing Voices, Living Fully is Bien’s fascinating personal perspective on an often-misunderstood condition. She explains how she managed to regain control over her mind and her life even while intermittently hearing voices, through bien 5self-guided and professional therapy and with the support of family and friends. Her tumultuous journey will help readers to understand why auditory hallucinations are not necessarily an indicator of mental illness. For more information on Claire’s new book, please visit our website:

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