Fun activities to teach primary school children how to count

primary school children countTry this fun and engaging maths activity designed to teach primary school children how to count, taken from Claire Brewer and Kate Bradley’s new book 101 Inclusive and SEN Maths Lessons for P Level Learning.

Number Towers


  • Construction bricks
  • Laminated number cards
  • Bag


  • Each child and the teacher have a pile of construction bricks in front of them.
  • The teachers reaches into the bag and takes out a number. When the teacher says ‘Read, steady, go’ all the children need to build a tower with that number of bricks.
  • Count the bricks together.
  • The next child takes a number out of the bag and says ‘Read, steady, go.’ Continue around the group.

Teaching note

To add a further challenge, instead of numbers in the bag, put repeating patterns that the children need to build.

101 Inclusive and SEN Maths Lessons is a creative guide, tailored to the UK National Curriculum P Levels 4-8, that is packed with simple and adaptable maths activities that will maximise the whole class’s learning experience. Each lesson plan includes a learning objective, the resources needed, the main activity, a plenary and a consolidation activity to help support children’s understanding.

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