Tales from the Music Therapy Roommusic therapy, Edited by Claire Molyneux is the result of a collaboration between New Zealand music therapists. It is an invitation to the reader to share the therapists encounters in the therapy room through a wide variety of writings, including short stories, poetry and personal reflections.

As the editor Claire Molyneux writes in the introduction: “An encounter in the music therapy room exists beyond, within and without words and yet our efforts to communicate what takes place are often reduced to words. The question of how we communicate the dance between those in the therapy room has preoccupied music therapists and led to much philosophical and theoretical debate. This collection of writings does not attempt to add to that debate  but simply to share the poetry of our encounters in the therapy room“.

In the ‘Notebook‘, Claire Molyneux recalls her encounter with a five year old boy with Autism.

Read ‘The Notebook’ here

I cannot imagine a single music therapist or music therapy student, regardless of their background or theoretical orientation, who would not be moved and delighted by the honest and compassionate stories told in this book‘ – Dr Amelia Oldfield, music therapist and Professor of Music Therapy at Anglia Ruskin University

Claire Molyneux 
is a Lecturer in Music Therapy at Anglia Ruskin University.

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