To celebrate National Coming Out Day, we wanted to share some coming out stories from transgender and non-binary teenagers, taken from the Trans Teen Survival Guide. There is no ‘right’ way to come out, and these stories prove that you should do what feels best for you. 

One parent once described their experience of their child coming out in a very heartwarming way. They lived quite far apart, so the trans person (who was a trans woman) came out to her mum over the phone. After their conversation, the mum decided that she needed to visit her child, so she booked a flight immediately and travelled to meet her.

Throughout the journey she felt a sense of grief. She felt as if she had lost her son. As she met with her child in the arrival hall of the airport, she suddenly realised that she had not lost a son at all – she had gained the daughter who was there all along. Her child was finally who she really was and she was delighted and excited to get to know her child as their true authentic self.

Click here for the coming out stories.

You can find more real life stories from trans and non-binary teens in Trans Teen Survival Guide – available now! 

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