Nystagmus is a vision impairment that affects 1 in 1000 people, but what is it exactly and how can you explain it to a child? In this friendly guide, a girl called Amber speaks about her ‘dancing eyes’ and suggests what families, school and friends can do to help.

Look at the video below if you want learn more about Amber, find out about her condition and boost the confidence of those who have it!

This is what our reviewers have said:

‘The book is useful for all professionals in highlighting a number of ways to help a child with nystagmus. It is written in easy, upbeat language with fun illustrations, that all of us can enjoy.’
– J. Margaret (Maggie) Woodhouse OBE, Senior Lecturer and Specialist Optometrist, Cardiff University

”Can I tell you about nystagmus’ is an extremely helpful source for both carers of, and people with nystagmus. The user-friendliness of the book aids to understand nystagmus, gives useful tips and shines a positive light on living with the condition.’
– Professor Irene Gottlob and Dr Rebecca McLean, University of Leicester, Ulverscroft Eye Unit

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