Rebecca Brooks is an adoptive parent, former teacher and Adoption UK’s Education Policy Advisor. Rebecca’s goal with The Trauma and Attachment-Aware Classroom was to write the book she wishes she had to support her when she was in the classroom every day, faced with class after class of children and young people, breathtaking in their variety, complexity and individuality. Inside the book are explanations, descriptions and some tried-and-tested strategies, as well as contributions from parents and carers of traumatised children, and from several schools which have embarked on a journey towards a more attachment and trauma-informed approach.
Should you buy this book; it is the hope of Rebecca, Adoption UK and JKP that you will find something here that will equip and empower you to support the student you had in mind when you considered the need for this book. We believe wholeheartedly that, as an educator, you have the ability to powerfully transform the lives of the young people you will encounter.

A few of you have requested to see more from inside the book, and as promised, here is Chapter 8, which covers tricky subjects and curriculum’s for adopted and foster children along with how to handle them. Click below to read on.

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