SensitivityThis Sensitivity Test has been provided by Ilse Sand, author of Highly Sensitive People and The Emotional Compass. Test yourself to see how sensitive you are.

This is a shortened version of the test; the complete test can be found in the book “Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World: How to Create a Happy Life“.

The Sensitivity Test

Grade each statement from 0 to 4 as below. There are five different ways to answer each statement.


0 = This does not describe me at all
1 = This describes me a little
2 = This describes me to some extent
3 = This describes me fairly well
4 = This describes me perfectly

1.) I spend more energy than others trying to predict what might go wrong and prepare myself for different scenarios _____

2.) I get excited easily and have a lot of good ideas _____

3.) Other people’s pain affects me deeply _____

4.) When surrounded by beautiful nature I am filled with intense joy _____

5.) I get the sense that I have a lower threshold than others when it comes to multi-tasking; for instance I can find it stressful to take part in a conversation while surfing on the internet _____

6.) I am good at sensing the state of animals and plants _____

7.) Sounds, light or smell that do not seem to bother other people can be extremely frustrating for me _____

8.) I can offer others the experience of deeply felt presence and meaningful companionship _____

9.) I feel guilty very easily _____

Total _____
10.) I like to engage in new experiences without being prepared _____

11.) Socialising does not make me tired. If there is a good vibe, I can do it all day without having to spend time on my own or taking breaks _____

12.) I like feeling under pressure at work _____

13.) I usually have a lot of energy and my mood is unaffected by things happening around me _____

14.) I am often amongst the last people to leave a party _____

15.) I take things in my stride and I tend not to worry too much _____
Total _____
The statements 1 – 9 constitute group 1. Add up the numbers from your answers in group 1. If you have answered 1 to all the statements, the total sum will be 9.

The statements 10-15 constitute group 1. Add up the numbers from your answers in group 2. If you have answered 2 to all the statements, the total sum will be 12.

Now subtract the sum of group 2 from the sum of group 1. The number you end up with will tell you how sensitive you are.

It will be somewhere between minus 24 and 36; the higher your number the more sensitive you are. If your number is more than 15, you are probably highly sensitive.

The complete test features 48 statements and will be likely to give a more precise indication of your sensitivity.


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