Take a look at our new Pastoral Care and Special Educational Needs catalogue

Our education resources offer valuable guidance on important school issues such as mental health, special educational needs, autism, bullying and peer pressure, safeguarding, restorative justice, sex education, trauma and attachment, gender diversity and more.

If you would like to request a free print copy of the catalogue, please email hello@JKP.com.

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5 Thoughts

  1. Thank you for staying true to your commitmemts and delivering my free copy of Autism Spectrum Disorder & Related Conditions. I wouldn’t normally be able to pay for this; especially because of the currency difference and the Rand being so weak. So I really appreciate it; I have a family member with Autism and it’s not easy for the family to understand what’s going on and why said child does the things he does. So thia will be a great help as they don’t have a computer so they can’t access this information of the web.

    Much, much appreciated.
    Usually people don’t deliver on their promises but you guys did.
    So to you I say thank you.

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