Geoff Mead on loss, the grieving process and Gone in the Morning

Geoff MeadGeoff Mead took some time to reflect on the grieving process and some of the themes of his new book

Watch the full 28 minute interview below, or alternatively watch a series of short clips from the interview in the playlist below that.

Gone in the Morning: A Writer’s Journey of Bereavement by Geoff Mead

An exploration of death, bereavement and grief. This first hand account offers Geoff Mead’s experience of responding to the loss of his wife from a brain tumour. Giving insight into the grieving process and how Geoff learned to manage his grief, this book will offer hope to anyone experiencing something similar.

After coming to the realisation that mourning is a conscious process, to which we can apply creativity, passion and intelligence, Geoff explored the unknown territory of bereavement through his writing. The book shows how artful practice can help to make sense of our experience and navigate the wreckage of grief.

‘A beautifully crafted tale of one man’s grief – and a testament to the healing power of art. By inter-weaving the threads of his raw experience with strands of story, poetry, prose and photographs, Geoff Mead transforms his cruel and untimely loss into a tapestry of artful work and shining moments. There’s a deep learning here and a visibly growing soul. Essential reading for those on the lonely road of bereavement.’
– William Ayot, poet and author of Re-enchanting the Forest: Meaningful Ritual in a Secular Age

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