So, you think you are lost? Here’s what to do!

These are the words you see when you break the seal on a survival kit – immediately helpful to the situation you are in.

When you’re lost, you need solutions now. Are you cold? Here’s how to make a shelter. Are you hungry? Here’s how to fish. Getting bullied about Tourettes? Here’s how to stop it happening today, and some preparation you can do to stop it happening tomorrow.

The Tourettes Survival Kit book is designed so you can flip exactly to the situation you are in, and get advice that is immediately useful to your situation. A bus driver won’t let you on the bus because they saw your tics? Flip to the page for bus drivers, that explains why it’s safe. The book covers the most common and worrying situations in a young person’s life, like school, family, friends, dating, and driving. If it’s the day before your first job interview, and you’re not sure how you will survive it with Tourettes, this book tells you things you can do right now, to prepare. If you have an exam in a month’s time, the book has things you can begin today to start planning for it.

The second half of this book is packed with tools and skills you can learn to level-up with. It contains expert information from neuropsychologist Dr Tara Murphy, who has helped hundreds of young people with Tics and Tourettes. Here you can get a deeper understanding of what makes tics happen, how to control them, and how they will and won’t affect your life.

The book is made for young people that grew up with the internet, who are used to immediately getting the information they need, or asking their group of friends. The book is not meant to be read cover to cover, it is laid out with tabs like a travel guide, so you can jump straight to your situation. To be familiar and accessible to young people, most of the book is presented as a chat group of friends, who give you advice from different perspectives on the situation you are facing. Many of these are real people with Tourettes or tics, telling you what worked for them, and helped them survive. All of the advice represents the latest research on what does and doesn’t work for young people with tics.

By Tara Murphy and Damon Millar

Where can people find out more about the book?

The book is available online through Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Amazon, Waterstones, etc. You can also order it into your local bookshop if you prefer!

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