Teenagers have an enormous potential to grow and bring positive change to the world. Their brains are expanding, growing and upgrading for their future adult lives.
Any of our books below will make wonderful Christmas presents for trans teens, teens with learning differences, autism, and dyslexia and to empower teens who want to bring something to the world:

You Can Change the World!
Everyday Teen Heroes Making a Difference Everywhere
Margaret Rooke

This inspirational book tells the stories of more than 50 of today’s teenagers who’ve dared to change the world they live in. It’s been written to show other teens they can do the same.
Inside are the experiences of volunteers, social entrepreneurs and campaigners, online and beyond.

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Dyslexia is my Superpower
(Most of the time)
Margaret Rooke, Forewords by Professor Catherine Drennan and Loyle Carner

In more than 100 interviews, children and young adults reveal their personal tips and tactics for honing the creative benefits of dyslexia, enabling them to thrive in school and beyond.
The first-hand accounts are inspiring and normalise to help children feel able to succeed.

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Trans Teen Survival Guide
Owl Fisher and Fox Fisher

With a focus on self-care, expression and being proud of your unique identity, the guide is packed full of invaluable advice from people who understand the realities and complexities of growing up trans.
This book includes potentially life-saving advice on dealing with dysphoria or depression, to hilarious real-life awkward trans stories.

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Know Your Spectrum!
An Autism Creative Writing Workbook for Teens
Finn Monahan

Not everyone with autism is the same. This workbook will help teenagers recognise their own individual spectrum of autistic behaviours, and reflect on the specific challenges they face, their own strengths and how they relate to other people.
A range of examples of poetry and short stories are included to make each activity accessible to all levels and to show how writing narrative and poems can help support personal reflection.

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Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid
Alais Winton and Zac Millard

Experience day-to-day life for a dyslexic kid, including school life, bullying and coping with tests and homework, in this frank and funny diary. 
Co-authored with a teenage boy with dyslexia and illustrated with cartoons, this is a positive yet honest look at the difficulties of being dyslexic. 

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The Asperger Teen’s Toolkit
Francis Musgrave

With minimal text and fun, comic book style graphics, this is a treasure trove of information for young people with Asperger Syndrome and their carers.
Exploring the science of how the human mind works, it gives handy tips on how to cope with all elements of the adult world, including responsibilities, health, sex and relationships.

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M is for Autism
The Students of Limpsfield Grange School and Vicky Martin

Written by the students of Limpsfield Grange School for girls with autism, M is for Autism is a truly authentic coming-of-age novel that shows what it’s really like to grow up feeling a bit different. Why is being normal so easy for everyone else? Will finally getting a label help M to make sense of it all? What does normal even mean anyway?

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