The Stigma Surrounding BPD – An Extract from ‘Talking About BPD’ by Rosie Cappuccino

Rosie Cappuccino was diagnosed with BPD in her early 20s and now runs the award-winning blog Talking About BPD. Alongside her day job as a primary school teacher, Rosie maintains the conversation around BPD on her flourishing YouTube and Twitter accounts. Rosie often also finds herself contributing to a myriad of mental health publications including Happiful magazine, and the US mental-health website, Healthy Place.

In the extract below, Rosie writes about the various stigmas surrounding BPD, her own experiences with stigmatisation, damaging stereotypes – for instance ‘BPD only affects women’, and suggests various strategies to help confront and change the conversation around BPD.

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About Talking About BPD

Talking About BPD is a positive, stigma-free guide to life with borderline personality disorder (BPD) from award-winning blogger Rosie Cappuccino.

Addressing what BPD is, the journey to diagnosis and available treatments, Rosie offers advice on life with BPD and shares practical tips and DBT-based techniques for coping day to day. Topics such as how to talk about BPD to those around you, managing relationships and self-harm are also explored. Throughout, Rosie shares her own experiences and works to dispel stigma and challenge the stereotypes often associated with the disorder. Talking About BPD is available in paperback, audiobook, and eBook formats.

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