The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is #MomentsForMovement, highlighting the transformative power of physical activity in nurturing our mental well-being. In recognition of this theme, we’ve handpicked three uplifting books that not only offer invaluable perspectives on mental health but also emphasise the importance of movement and exercise in maintaining positive mental wellbeing. We hope these three books inspire some mindful movement this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek!

#1 What I Do to Get Through edited by Olivia Sagan and James Withey

Amidst the personal anecdotes and coping strategies shared in this book, one theme consistently emerges: the profound impact of movement on mental well-being. From leisurely walks in nature to energising yoga sessions, many contributors attest to the transformative power of physical activity in alleviating stress, boosting mood, and fostering a sense of inner peace. As we embrace #MomentsForMovement, What I Do to Get Through serves as a poignant reminder that sometimes, the simple act of moving our bodies can be a powerful catalyst for healing and self-discovery.

#2 The Autistic Guide to Adventure by Allie Mason

From sensory-friendly outdoor activities to adaptive exercise routines, The Autistic Guide to Adventure highlights the transformative role of physical activity in managing stress, enhancing sensory regulation, and promoting overall health and happiness. With personal anecdotes and interviews with awesome autistic athletes, this book will give you the support you need to take on the great outdoors.

#3 Things I Got Wrong So You Don’t Have To by Pooky Knightsmith

Amongst the 48 important lessons in Pooky Knightsmith’s Things I Got Wrong So You Don’t Have To lies Lesson #17, a vital lesson in self-care… fun exercise! According to Pooky, “when we find a way to keep active that feels fun and builds connection with others, we get more from it and we’re less likely to give up.”

We hope you’ll enjoy checking out these essential reads, and extra points for reading them whilst running, hopping and swimming! 😉

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