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Course: Using the 5P Approach to prevent and manage behaviour difficulties

Date: Wednesday 1st July 2015, LONDON at the British Psychological Society Head Offices.

This is a practical one day course which will get you thinking differently about autism and behaviour and provide you with a toolkit to use time and time again. The course provides an overview of the 5P Approach Framework featured in Linda Miller’s book Practical Behaviour Management Solutions for Children and Teens with Autism and how to use it within your setting. Using the distinctive traffic light colours, it introduces the concept of Staying GREEN – adopting a preventative and positive approach to intervention ( by creating a GREEN Zone) and also looks at what to do when things go wrong – practical problem-solving and planning at Amber & Red using the 5P Approach problem-solving pathway. Using a consultation model, this course places an emphasis on how the 5P Approach can be used with individuals, with groups and also at organisational level. Delegates will have practical experience of completing each stage of the 5P Approach in readiness for use within their own setting and will be introduced to a range of practical resources and strategies which form part of the 5P Approach framework.


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Linda Miller is also the author of Developing Flexibility Skills in Children and Teens with Autism which is available through Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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