The festive season isn’t always the easiest time of the year. It brings joy and lightness to many, but for others it can be stressful, bring up difficult memories or make us face new challenges.

This year JKP has put together a list of books to gift to anyone who may need a little help to overcome difficulties or to simply let them know that you care.

Karuna Cards
Claudia Coenen

The Karuna Cards are a creative and compassionate way to explore thoughts and emotions and are designed to help anyone struggling with loss, grief or difficult life transitions. They help by providing prompts and questions that can be used as starting points, in addition to suggesting therapeutic activities or ideas for simple meditations. Find out more

The Recovery Letters
Addressed to People Experiencing Depression
Ed by James Withey and Olivia Sagan

This powerful collection of personal letters from people with first-hand experiences of depression will serve as a comforting resource for anyone on the journey to recovery. Find out more

Dear Alzheimer’s
A Diary of Living with Dementia
Keith Oliver

Keith Oliver – diagnosed with young onset dementia in 2010, leading activist for dementia care, and international speaker – tells his story through a diary format and gives an unparalleled insight into what day-to-day life with dementia is like, and how he continued to live a full life after diagnosis. Find out more

Dementia – Support for Family and Friends
Dave Pulsford and Rachel Thompson

Essential reading for anyone who has a friend or relative with dementia. The book explores each stage of the journey people with the condition face and explains how it affects the person, as well as those around them. It gives practical advice that can help to ensure the best possible quality of life both for the person with dementia and their family and friends. Find out more

The Chakras in Grief and Trauma
Karla Helbert

This innovative guide to the chakras explains how grief and trauma impacts on every level of our being, and provides the tools to help people experiencing trauma and grief by influencing, balancing and nurturing the chakra system. It features over 100 expressive and experiential exercises including yoga poses, mudras, pranayama (breath exercises), journaling, creation of ritual, use of essential oils and crystals and stones.  Find out more

Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery
Lisa Sanfilippo

Examining the ways that the body, trauma and emotional issues, and lifestyle can impact sleep, this book shows how to apply yoga holistically to tackle insomnia. Learn how to reset the delicate body-mind balance by moving through the koshas. This approach will put you on the path to good quality sleep, with increasing effect over time. Find out more

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