Books for mental wellbeing

Are you looking for a guide to support the mental health of a friend, family member or loved one? We’ve put together a select list of books for mental wellbeing that might be just what you need for the perfect gift!

Books for mental wellbeing

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Workout for Teens
Skills and Exercises from ACT and CBT for Healthy Thinking

By Paula Nagel

A straightforward how-to guide for building a personalised mental health ‘workout’. It includes tried and tested therapeutic techniques, simple strategies and healthy thinking habits teenagers can use to boost their mental health fitness and emotional wellbeing.

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Children's book for mental wellbeing

All Birds Have Anxiety

By Kathy Hoopmann

Explores the symptoms of anxiety disorder and their impact on day-to-day life through the colourful images of life as a bird!
Its humorous and gentle approach recognises the stress that anxiety can cause, helping children to better understand how it feels to have anxiety.

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Books for mental wellbeing in the face of racism

Overcoming Everyday Racism
Building Resilience and Wellbeing in the Face of Discrimination and Microaggressions

By Susan Cousins

This handbook offers tools to improve wellbeing, manage the impact of everyday racism and live with more resilience. It includes examples, spaces for reflection and creative exercises in areas such as self-acceptance, positive relations with others and purpose in life.

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Books for mental wellbeing with ocd

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Diary
A Self-Help Diary with CBT Activities to Challenge Your OCD

By Charlotte Dennis

Charlotte Dennis has experienced Obsessive Compulsive Disorder her entire life. From her own experiences with CBT she has created the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Diary! A self-help guide full of activities to support those who experience OCD and are waiting for therapy, or to continue managing their obsessions and compulsions after therapy.

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Books for mental wellbeing

The Anxiety Survival Guide
Getting through the Challenging Stuff

By Bridie Gallagher, Sue Knowles and Phoebe McEwen

The guide to overcoming anxiety for young adults. Co-authored by a team of psychologists along with Phoebe McEwen, a 20-something with anxiety. It looks at the causes of anxiety and offers simple strategies and exercises to reduce anxious feelings. The book covers common triggers like studying, moving out and interviews, as well as OCD and panic attacks.

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workbook for mental wellbeing

The CBT Art Workbook for Coping with Anxiety

By Jennifer Guest

This creative CBT workbook helps adults explore issues around anxiety and manage related emotions based on prevalent CBT principles. It includes 150 information pages and worksheets, which can be used alone or alongside professional therapy.

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Book introducing you to your autism diagnosis

An Adult with an Autism Diagnosis
A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

By Gillan Drew

Through the personal experiences of an adult diagnosed with autism, this book will inform on the social challenges of life on the spectrum along with sensible advice for practical situations. Includes an informed introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder along with helpful resources and strategies for moving forward following a diagnosis.

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Books for mental wellbeing on the autism spectrum

A Practical Guide to Happiness in Adults on the Autism Spectrum
A Positive Psychology Approach

By Victoria Honeybourne

Breaking away from neurotypical ideals of happiness, this book offers simple techniques and exercises to help adults on the spectrum combat negative thoughts and improve their mental health. It tackles communication skills, self-awareness, workplace coping strategies and more, with a refreshing positive psychology approach.

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Books for mental wellbeing

The Healthy Coping Colouring Book and Journal
Creative Activities to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety and Other Big Feelings

By Pooky Knightsmith

Full of creative activities, this journal and colouring book aims to help young people aged 8-14 manage difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions such as anger and anxiety. It includes space to write and draw, colouring pages, inspirational quotes and poems, and provides a host of healthy coping strategies.

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card set for mental wellbeing

A Therapeutic Treasure Deck of Grounding, Soothing, Coping and Regulating Cards

By Dr. Karen Treisman

A pack of cards and booklet which offers creative ways to explore feelings and develop coping skills with children aged 6+, teens and adults – it addresses common issues including anxiety, stress, low mood, sleep difficulties and emotional dysregulation.

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Book for yoga with children

Mindful Little Yogis
Self-Regulation Tools to Empower Kids with Special Needs to Breathe and Relax

By Nicola Harvey

This practical and creative book is filled with simple calming activities to help children find a sense of peace and settle heightened emotions during busy times (perhaps at Christmas!). Each activity is easily adaptable for different ability levels, providing a handy bank of self-regulation tools that can be used at any time in a range of settings.

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Book for guided meditation

The Guided Meditation Handbook
Advice, Meditation Scripts and Hasta Mudra for Yoga Teachers

By Georgia Keal

For yoga teachers who want to add a meditation element to their classes, this collection of guided meditations is the perfect resource. It also includes tips on setting the scene for a truly relaxed environment, and advice for how to create your own meditations that can be tailored to the needs of yoga students.

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