A helpful exercise taken from Stand up to OCD!

Recognising the Compulsion Cycle

Today marks the end of OCD Week of Action 2020, where the spotlight has been on accessing quality treatment for OCD. Over the last year or so JKP have tried particularly hard to offer more resources for those living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you or someone you know are struggling for treatment, or think you/they could benefit from a complementary workbook to go alongside the treatment, please do have a browse of our supportive resources here.

Recognising the Compulsion Cycle

Try out and share this exercise about recognising the compulsion cycle, taken from Stand Up to OCD! The book is an illustrated CBT self-help workbook that gives teens a deeper understanding of how OCD works. It follows the stories of three teens who have different types of OCD, from the development of their difficulties through to seeking help.

Click here to learn how to start recognising the compulsion cycle

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