Introducing our new mental health video and Q&A series…

A video series from Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Sheldon Press and John Murray Learning

What is it?

Many of us have faced new and difficult challenges in the past few months, with changes to our work-lives and home-lives impacting on our mental wellbeing. Better Together: Exploring Mental Health is a new initiative devised for these tough times.

A team of mental health experts, published by JKP, Sheldon Press and JML, have joined forces to share their expertise on a range of issues that many of us, and those close to us, may be experiencing; from anxiety and depression, to parenting pressures and coping with isolation.

In bite-sized, 30-minute videos, the experts will offer advice, share best practice, and outline useful strategies to help overcome common problems. They’ll also answer any questions that viewers have about the topics covered.

When is it?

Every Wednesday! We will be releasing three new videos throughout the day, at 12:30pm, 4:30pm and 8:30pm – so you can watch them on your lunchbreak, with a cuppa or after dinner.

Coming up this week:

Wed 29th July – Exploring Grief and Bereavement

  • 12:30pm BST / 7:30am EST
  • ‘How to talk to young children about the death of loved ones’ from Elke Thompson
  • 4:30pm BST / 11:30am EST ‘Why do people act differently when reacting to loss?’ from Caroline Lloyd
  • 8:30pm / 3:30pm EST ‘Creative exercises to alleviate grief when resources are limited’ from Claudia Coenen

Don’t miss:

Wed 5th August – Parenting Under Pressure (Including SEN Parenting)

Wed 12th August – Exploring Anxiety

In the coming weeks we’ll be exploring topics like trauma, anxiety in children, managing burn out, addiction, compulsions in times of stress and many, many more. Most of all we want to hear from you and run talks on topics that would be of most help to you.

Who’s involved?

We’ll hear from award-winning mental health campaigner, Claire Eastham, bestselling author and expert psychiatrist Dr Tim Cantopher, and ITV This Morning’s parenting coach, Sue Atkins – to name just a few!

How can I watch the videos?

We will be posting them across our social channels, so you can tune in anywhere you like: Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram.

All the videos will be available to watch on Facebook and YouTube after their release day too, so if you miss one, you can re-watch it in your own time.

Can I join in?

Absolutely! We really want our viewers to get involved. If you have a question for one of our experts or would like to suggest a theme for a future video series, we’d like to hear from you.

You can submit your questions and suggestions for future topics here.

Better Together is made possible by collaboration between Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Sheldon Press and John Murray Learning. With authors from each publishing house contributing to the overall series.

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