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The PDA Society are encouraging everyone to mark today, 15th May, as PDA Day! The theme is ‘Positive PDA’ and in keeping with that, they’ll be focusing on success stories, recognising all those who are making great contributions to the PDA world, highlighting some of the positives of living with PDA and showcasing the accomplishments of adult PDAers. As well as this, you’re all invited to get involved by fundraising, sharing stories, or joining their peaceful protest.

We’re joining in by sharing some of the resources we’ve published over the years, and a sneak peek at what’s coming up throughout 2018. PDA has been a big focus for JKP this year, and will continue to be as more is learned and understood about the diagnosis, and more stories are shared. So, take a look through our old, new, and upcoming books on PDA. 

Out Now:

Let’s start with the book Can I tell you about Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome?. This is the perfect primer for those who know nothing about PDA, but would like to learn in a friendly and accessible way. This illustrated book is for readers aged 7+, and will be an excellent way to increase understanding about PDA in  the classroom or at home. It also includes practical tips and recommended resources for parents and professionals. Find out more about it HEREPDA day

Written by professionals and parents, Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome in Children answers the key questions about PDA and uses case examples throughout to show the impact of the condition on different areas of the child’s life. The early intervention options and workable strategies for managing PDA positively will make day-to-day life easier for the child, their family and peers. Read more and buy your copy HERE.

PDA day

Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome – My Daughter is Not Naughty is the third book on PDA we have available at the moment. Full of advice and support, this book is an honest account of one family’s experiences of raising a child with PDA. It includes strategies to help manage behaviours, information on obtaining a diagnosis and raising awareness, and explanations to help readers gain a better understanding of the condition. You can read more about the book on our website, HERE.

Coming Soon:

PDA day

In a matter of days, on 21st May, we’ll be releasing the brand new PDA by PDAers, compiled by Sally Cat. The first book by and for adults with PDA, the book is a collection of genuine insights and experiences from people living with PDA, adapted from their interactions on a popular online support group. It includes frank discussions of topics relevant to PDA, including work, relationships and managing meltdowns, making it a vital resource for both individuals and professionals. You can read reviews and sign up to be alerted when the book becomes available HERE.

PDA day

Last but not least, we have Collaborative Approaches to Learning for Pupils with PDA coming out in September 2018. In this guide PDA experts Ruth Fidler and Phil Christie outline effective strategies for supporting pupils with PDA in education settings. It shows how teaching professionals can get started with this approach, with advice for implementing key strategies to overcome common challenges. The book also includes information on creating PDA-friendly learning environments, helping pupils to develop long-term social and emotional resilience. Sign up to be notified when this book becomes available HERE.


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