Don’t feed the trolls – an extract from ‘Things I Got Wrong So You Don’t Have To’ by Pooky Knightsmith

An image of author Pooky Knightsmith resting her arm over a railing with old bookcases in the background.

As an internationally respected campaigner, Pooky Knightsmith has worked tirelessly to promote good child and adolescent mental health. Her knowledge, ideas and advice come not just from years of research and study, but from hard earned experience with PTSD, anorexia, self-harm and depression.

In this extract, Pooky talks about her experience with internet trolling – and how the ‘mute’ or ‘block’ functions can be a great way to deal with nasty, unwanted comments.

📖 Read the extract ‘Don’t feed the trolls’ here >

About Things I Got Wrong So You Don’t Have To by Pooky Knightsmith (available now!)

Part mental health guide, part memoir, Pooky’s book Things I Got Wrong So You Don’t Have To contains 48 life lessons learned from everyday victories to life-changing events. Pooky shares tips on how to avoid burnout, how small acts of self-care can make a big difference, steps you can take to live with anxiety, and how to nurture key friendships and relationships, amongst many other things. Each lesson ends with space for the reader to reflect, and includes exercises to help take the first steps to incorporating these lessons into their own lives. Unflinching and utterly authentic, Pooky shares the things she got wrong so that you don’t have to.

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